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Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Tag » , » Falling in love with Algadon

Falling in love with Algadon

Hello all!!
You must be wondering "who/what is algadon" from title of this post.
yeah.... i just found this 2 days ago and it's make me fallen in love instantly.
;) Yeah Algadon, the best RPG Online game ever,
If you fans of RPG game you can't  miss it. is a medieval slash fantasy style RPG where you battle monsters, perform various quests and battle against other players. Beating computers is all well and good but nothing beats the feeling of knowing you just smacked down a real life human being. There are loads of items you can buy to help you advance in the games – like weapons and spells and armour. You can connect with other users by sending private messages or posting public messages to each other and you can even join a clan if you prefer to play with a group of people.

i have playing game in 6 years, and  very loved RPG games and i think Algadon is the best ;) for gaming Online.

also you can get it on your mobile with apps available for the iphone and andriod. Plus there’s also a version available on myspace that is slightly different – so lots of options if you want to play :)
if you have myspace account, you must be visiting, for best GAME  RPG Online

very cool isn't it?

11 komentar:

  1. duh ga mudeng basanya...

  2. thanks neh, saya bisa ngikutan falling in love ndajk ya... heheheh

  3. suka dengan kata falling in love nya, dari pada kata benci...waduh he

  4. wah sob kok pakai bahasa linggis aq g paham blazz

  5. waduuh,,,

    ga paham ne,,,

  6. engga ada translatenya iah oby? hehe

  7. gak paham... bahasa inggris saya payah :D

  8. wahhh hrs bolak balik baca kamu nich... xxiixix

  9. wah ...
    harus pake om google translate nih. .
    tp nice share deh :D


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