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Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Tag » » Benefit of laugh or "ketawa"

Benefit of laugh or "ketawa"

hello guys..
had you know know benefit of Laugh or in Indonesia language "ketawa",
From some research found that, laughing "ketawa" as much as 100 times has the same benefits with the exercises 10 to 15 minutes. Laughing helps stimulate the recovery process by lowering blood pressure and blood flow.
When we laugh, the body produces T-cells are white blood cells and a type of protein that are important in the body's defense system. Laughter also reduces stress hormones expenditure. From the results of research by the time we laugh, a wave of electrical flow in the brain.
Many parts of the brain, including parts that manage emotions, intelligence and movement, in connection with each other when we laugh.

• Enhance immunity.
• laughter not only reduces the pressure, but eliminate the feeling of anger.
Among other benefits of laughter are:
• Lowering blood pressure.
• Stimulate the mood.
• Improve endurance.
• Improve brain function.
• Protects the heart.
• close relationships with others.
• Painless feeling.

In fact, laughter can also improve the way the body against diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, ulcer and reduce the risk of heart attack.
In fact, there is also research has also found that laughter can also launch the digestive system and absorption of nutrients from food.
But most important is laughter can strengthen mental health. Laughing at oneself can also change our perception of the problems faced. Maybe you are not aware, stale laughter helps us deal with any problems or pressure better.

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