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Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Tag » » [Funny] most bizarre accidents in this world ...!!!

[Funny] most bizarre accidents in this world ...!!!

Here some strange and funny car crash in the world .. been frequent accidents in general are terrible for the see,, for God's sake I hope we all do not have an accident ... but for the picture below I do not know if this accident include scary or funny ....? =D

Are You Alright Buddy??

Please ... Don't move ..

 A lucky Car

Weew .... it's teribble.

Oh God .. i hope the horse is fine

maybe this car want to be a bird

the most Longest Car

where is it's came From??

expensive car

Save Her Hair First

be careful please...

What Do You think??
this funny or Scary?

2 komentar:

  1. Ini mah Gilaa! Gila yg sepeda ngeri bgt sihh.. saya ga ngebayangin saya lg sepedaan sm temen2 tiba2 di tabrak mobil mabok.. gila mimpi buruk bgttt sih nih...

    Kampanye keselamatan hrs dr kecil deh pokoknya.. saya dukung bgt tuh kampanye nya Shell Road Safety ke SD-SD.. utk menghindari kejadian2 gila spt ini. mudah2an di Indonesia ga pernah terjadii.....

  2. @waaaah
    makasih abnget yah dah mau koment anonim
    :( tuh mobil gila.
    udah tahu mabok.. tp nyetir mobil
    tp kamu apanya yg luka??
    Yupz... safety riding yg utama dalam mengendara


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