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Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Tag » » For Your Smile, The Best From Soldier

For Your Smile, The Best From Soldier

whoaaa ....
what a long day .... when I try to look at the clock in my room Oh my ... God ... It's 01.43 hours A.M.. but never mind, the essential spirit of blogging is always on ....

ouch sorry to be missing from the topic. (: p)
when I was a kid, I thought, "became a soldier must be very cool" especially with a long barrel gun, or a sword ... certainly very impressive.
yeah it was my childhood.

but when I see some crazy pictures of  this soldiers doing, make me think 2 times to become a soldier. 9 (just  my opinion) ... let's see together

I believe i can fly


Soldier in break time






 What's wrong with him??

 and the last, "perfect disguise"

 For YOur Smile.....

3 komentar:

  1. Hahahahaha, lol...!
    So, what's the point of being a soldier..?

  2. wkwkwwkkw..............
    yeah that the big question :p
    thanks for the coments anonim

  3. Benar-benar!!


    aduh, leganya bisa ketawa...


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