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Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Tag » 6 Tips to Protect your house From Flame

6 Tips to Protect your house From Flame

Fire accident can happen anytime and anywhere. If it has spread, fire can destroy anything that is nearby. Therefore, it is very important fire prevention measures are applied in your home, especially if you live where there are children.
Here are six tips to prevent fires at home, as reported by HowStuffWorks.
1. Every room in the house must have at least two ways out; doors and windows without bars. If the rooms on the second floor, install a folding ladder that can be derived from the window.
2. Provide a special cupboard to store items that are flammable and dangerous tools are difficult to reach the children. Make sure the cabinet is locked properly and install heat detectors in it, just in case if there is a burning item.
3. Do not plug too many outlets on a single electrical circuit. If there is a burning fuse or circuit sparked a fire, immediately turn off the electricity and call a qualified technician to check it out.
4. Do not place additional wires under carpets or rugs, because the material is highly flammable even a little spark.
5. Nails or staples used to place the power cord into a wall or pole house can damage the rubber belt. It's safer if you use tape or adhesive tape.
6. Keep items that could potentially flammable (lighters, hair spray, insect repellent spray, spray deodorant, etc.) from the stove or furnace heating.

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  1. Accidents can come anytime, hopefully with these tips had been able to minimize the catastrophe, thanks to share

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